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Summer A 2013

May 9Non-Degree Seeking student registration beginsical
May 12Summer A Last day to register without incurring a $100 Late Registration Feeical
May 13First day of Summer A classesical
May 17Last day to apply for Summer 2013 Graduationical
May 20Summer A last day to add, drop or swap courses without incurring financial liability for Tuition & Feesical
May 21Summer A: Last Day to Submit Residency Reclassification Applicationsical
May 21Summer A 2013 Payment Due Dateical
May 22Summer A 2013 $100 Late Payment Fee assessed for outstanding balancesical
May 24Summer A last day to withdraw from the University with a 25% refundical
May 27Memorial Day (University Closed)ical
June 10Summer A last day to drop a course with a DR gradeical
June 10Summer A last day to withdraw from the University with a WI gradeical
June 21Last day of Summer A 2013 Classesical
June 21Summer A on-campus exams for online classesical
June 25Grade Report for Summer A 2013 available to students by 9:00amical

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