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Non-Degree Seeking Students

Types of Non-Degree Seeking Students

Non-Degree Applicants typically fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Students who need to complete pre-requisites for another program and are currently not enrolled in a degree seeking program at FIU.
  2. Students who want to take a few courses at FIU but not obtain a Bachelor and/or Master degree.
  3. Students who are visiting from Private Colleges or Out-of-State Schools (not on official student exchange).
  4. Person 60 years of age or older who meet Florida residency requirements and who attended classes in a state university.



Spring 2016 Update: online applications will be taken until 3pm on January 19th, however, we highly recommend that all students complete the online process by January 18th so that they can update payment and clear any holds prior to the registration deadline of January 19th.

Students who are seeking a degree at a public institution of higher education in Florida should fill out the Transient Student Application online (click here for instructions) instead of the Non-Degree Seeking Application.

Non-Degree Seeking Applicants should fill out the online application in its entirety and upload the appropriate residency documents while completing your online application. 

Late Registration fees apply after the deadline to initiate registrations. To view all these important dates, please see the academic calendar click here.

Click Here to Apply as a Non-Degree Seeking Student



There is a $30 non-refundable application fee. Students paying in person via check need to visit the cashiers office (PC 120) to make the payment.

Current Cost of Tuition can be found by clicking here.  Students attending as a Non-Degree Student are not eligible for Financial Aid.


Applicants will also need to submit immunization records to the University Health Services Complex; not doing so will delay registration.  For more details about the immunization requirements, please visit the Student Health website.



Students planning on enrolling for a course that requires pre-requisites that were completed outside of FIU must contact the department for approval. To find departmental contact information click here

Undergraduate students are limited to 15 attempted credits hours and graduate students are limited to 12 attempted credits hours as a Non-Degree Seeking Student.   Students may choose to take Non-Degree courses during one semester or may complete the credits over multiple semesters.


Student who exceed the credit limit for non-degree seeking (Undergraduate 15 & Graduate 12) must be affiliated to a college or school in order to continue taking course. Listed below are the necessary forms. 

Undergraduate Affiliation Form
Graduate Affiliation Form

ISSS (International Students)

International students must get authorization from the International Student Services department in order to register as a Non-Degree seeking student. Please complete the authorization form and submit it to the ISSS office located at MMC – GC 355 or BBC Wolfe University Center 363. Form can also be emailed to: isss@fiu.edu

Senior Citizens

Please click here for more information.

Additional Non-Degree Seeking Forms

Students who wish to discontinue their Degree Seeking Status and become a Non-Degree Seeking student, please complete the Discontinue Degree Seeking Status form and submit it to the OneStop Department.

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