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Academic Advising

The Undergraduate Education Academic Advising Center is home for all advising for freshmen and most sophomores.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide quality lower division academic advising for all FIU majors.
  • Help students navigate the FIU systems.
  • Identify resources for improving academic skills and obtaining advice for majors and possible careers.
  • Help students become good decision-making, independent individuals.

Be sure to speak to your academic advisor early in each semester to plan our your upcoming semesters. Don’t wait until the last minute to get advised because those are the busiest times in the advising office.

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My Major Match

The MyMajorMatch tool matches undergraduate students’ interest with FIU majors, giving students an opportunity to explore career paths that they might have never considered. Through its interest, skills, and value assessments, MyMajorMatch determines what careers and education would be best for students based on their answers.

MyMajorMatch can be found under "Admissions" for new applicants or "Academics" for currently, enrolled undergraduate students at my.fiu.edu.

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My Major

What is MyMajor?

MyMajor provides in-depth information on all FIU Undergraduate majors, their admissions criteria, career opportunities, and their departments' contact information. MyMajor includes MajorMaps, or programs of study, that shows students what they need to take in order to graduate in a timely manner.

Why MyMajor?

The website’s goal is to assist students in finding the right major. MyMajor showcases all the majors at FIU, making it easier to navigate and view the different possibilities available.

What are the benefits?

  • MyMajor places the FIU majors at the students’ fingertips.
  • MyMajor provides students with a one-stop shop to the different majors offered at FIU.
  • MyMajor provides Major Maps (Plans of Study) which outline the student’s academic career. 
  • MyMajor assists students to graduate in a timely manner.

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My eAdvisor 

My_eAdvisor provides undergraduate students and their advisor with immediate feedback through the following tools to assist students and their advisors to keep in contact and be successful throughout their academic careers.

  • Interactive Major Map
  • Messages
  • Advisor Notes
  • Appointment Request
  • Alerts
  • Resources

Undergraduate students can log into my.fiu.edu to access My_eAdvisor on the Student Center.

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Panther Degree Audit

On my.FIU.edu, your Panther Degree Audit can be found by navigating to Main Menu >> Campus Solutions Self Service >> Academic Planning >> Panther Degree Audit. Refer to your Panther Degree Audit to ensure you are on the right path to graduate.

Panther Degree Audit Tutorials


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Undergraduate Catalog & Graduate Catalog

All FIU Catalogs from 1972 to 2012 are now available online. Alumni, students, faculty, and staff can use the following link: FIU Course Catalog Archive

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