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Who is my advisor?

  • Students should contact their academic department for information concerning advisement.  Some departments assign advisors while others have them available on an as needed basis. 

Who can tell me if I am ready to graduate?

  • Students should meet with an advisor to review the course work necessary for the completion of a degree.

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Apostille Information

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Award of Degree

When will my transcript reflect that I have earned my degree?

  • After the degree is posted, the official transcript will reflect the student’s earned degree.  This can take up to four weeks after grades are posted for the semester. The unofficial transcript also reflects earned degrees and the student may view this online at http://my.fiu.edu
  • Official transcripts can be requested online, in person at the Office of the Registrar, or through the mail. Learn how to order your official transcript.Note: Completing a graduation application or attending commencement does not imply the student has earned a diploma.  Please do not assume it is automatic and always confirm completion of the degree by viewing the transcript.

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Cancellation of Graduation Application

  • Students who need to cancel their graduation application should file a Graduation Ineligibility Form with their academic advisor. Sudents will not be able to continue to enroll in coursework the following semester if they have not formally canceled graduation. 
  • The Graduation Ineligibility Fom must be signed by the academic advisor and stamped by the department.
  • The form should be uploaded through the MyFIU Student Center (my.fiu.edu).

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College or School 

What is my college or school? 

  •  Your College or School depends on your major. The list of colleges and schools is available on the Academics section of the FIU website.

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Commencement Information/Procedures

When is Commencement held?

  •  Commencement ceremonies are held at the end of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Visit the Commencement website for ceremony dates, times, location and other information.


Do I have to apply for Commencement?

  •  Yes, students confirm attendance for commencement after they have applied for graduation.  Students interested in attending commencement, should view the Commencement website for more information.  

Can I walk (participate in the Commencement Ceremony) even though I will not know at the time whether I will graduate??

  • Most students walk without knowing if they have officially graduated. However, students must have successfully applied with the Office of the Registrar for graduation in order to walk.

How many tickets do we get for Commencement?

  • Each student is eligible to receive 2 complimentary guest tickets plus 4 guest tickets for $7.00 each. Leftover guest tickets, if any, will be made available for purchase to students who wish to bring more than 6 guests to the ceremony. Please note that Commencement guest tickets must be ordered online in advance.

Do I need tickets for my children?

  • As required by Fire Code Regulations, every person entering the event venue, regardless of age, needs a ticket.  

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Credit Hours Required to Earn a Degree

How many credits do I need for a Bachelor degree, a Master degree, or a Specialist degree or Doctorate?

  • Most Bachelor degree programs require a minimum of 120 credits for a BA or BS degree.  Please confirm your requirements in the catalog and contact your advisor for additional detailed information.
  • The number of credits required is unique to each program for a Master degree, a Specialist degree, or a Doctoral degree.  Check the University Graduate Catalog in the year you were admitted to determine the number of credits you need. 

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Degree Posting

What does "posted" mean?

  • When you have completed the requirements for your degree, the Graduation Office updates transcript to show that your degree has been awarded.

Why does it take so long to post my degree?

  • Every application is individually scrutinized to ensure that all the requirements for the awarding of the degree have been met. Posting takes the Graduation Office an estimated four weeks after the grades are received.

Can I take a course after my degree is posted and use this for that degree?

  • Once your degree is posted, any course you take will be counted toward your next degree, and will be reflected on your transcript under the current academic status.

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Why can't I have any name I want on my diploma?

  • The diploma is an official, legal document and must reflect your true, and correct legal name. Name changes require a birth certificate, passport, naturalization documentation, marriage certificate, divorce decree and/or certified court order of name change.

How do I get my diploma?

  • Diplomas are mailed to your home or diploma address which you can update online. 

Will my second major show on my diploma?

  • No, only your primary major will be on your diploma. Your transcript will reflect both majors. 

Will my minor show on my diploma?

  • No, only your primary major will show on your diploma. The minor will be reflected on your transcript.

I finished my courses in Summer A, why do I have to wait 4 weeks after Summer C to get my diploma?

  • Summer is considered one semester, even though it contains two mini-terms. Therefore, degree posting begins at the end of Summer C.

How can I get two diplomas?

  • The University issues only one diploma upon graduation. This is a legal document, similar to a birth or naturalization certificate, showing official proof that you have been awarded a degree by Florida International University. Students wishing to acquire a duplicate diploma should fill out a Diploma Re-Issue Form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar with proof of payment.


How do I re-order my diploma?

  • Students who wish to re-order a diploma should complete the Diploma Re-Order Form and submit proof of payment ($10) to the Office of the Registrar.  Re-orders may take several weeks to complete.

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Exemptions and Waivers

Why do I need documentation to prove that I have been exempt or waived from a requirement?

  • We need official transcripts from all your previous schools and official test scores. They will become part of your permanent FIU record. For graduate students, an exemption to a requirement is only granted by the UGS and only under truly exceptional circumstances. Any "Petition for Exception to Graduate Requirements" that are submitted to UGS for consideration must be accompanied by a memo of justification from the unit and relevant supporting documentation.

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Failing a Course

If I fail a course, can I audit the class or repeat the course next semester and still graduate now?

  • No. If the course is required for your program, you will need to cancel your graduation and re-apply for the following term. You will not be eligible to add courses for the following term with an active graduation application. If you have not used all of your forgiveness policies, you might wish to use one for this class.

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Graduation Application

How do I apply for graduation?
  • Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to ensure that there are no delays in the graduation process. To apply for graduation, students must log into their MyFIU portal and select “Apply for Graduation” under the Academics drop down menu. Graduation application deadlines are available on the Academic Calendar.


Is there a deadline to apply for graduation?
  • We have a strictly enforced deadline to apply for graduation. These dates are posted in the academic calendar of the Student Handbook, the Catalog, and on the Web.


If I cannot graduate, why do I have to re-apply for graduation?

  • Your graduation application is valid only for the semester in which you apply. This means that if you have not fulfilled the requirements for graduation, you must re-apply for the semester you think you will graduate.

I have received a "will not graduate" notice (typed letter). What do I do?

  • A will not graduate letter indicates your academic unit did not think you could graduate. As the letter states, speak with your advisor as soon as possible regarding your requirements. If the original information provided to the Graduation Office by the advisor is incorrect, the department will need to submit a new graduation certification.

  • Should the advisor's paperwork be submitted to the graduation office before the deadline, you will be able to graduate. If not, you may need to re-apply for graduation for the following semester.

I have received a graduation notification. What do I do?

  • If you received a notification, your academic unit expected you to graduate but the graduation unit found something missing or needing to be completed. Follow the instructions in the notification by completing the items marked and/or noted. Once you have completed the items, confirm with the Graduation Office whether you have been cleared for graduation. Should you meet the deadlines on the notification, you may be able to graduate for the semester you applied. If you are not able to meet the deadline on the notification, you will need to re-apply for graduation since applications are valid for only one semester.

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What GPA do I need to be awarded with honors?

  • Undergraduate students with qualifying GPAs will receive special honors that will be denoted on the student’s transcript and diploma.  Students eligible for honors by GPA are also required to have a minimum of 40 credit hours at FIU (not including “P” or “AU” grades) to receive honors (there is no upward rounding in GPA’s).
  • Cum Laude – 3.5-3.699
  • Magna Cum Laude – 3.7-3.899
  • Summa Cum Laude – 3.9-4.0

Why do graduate programs not award honors?

  • Graduate students are expected to maintain a high GPA.

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Incomplete Grades

When are incomplete grades due?

  • If you have applied for graduation, you must hand in any outstanding work to the instructor, by the end of the semester for which you have applied. This will allow the instructor enough time to grade your work, turn in the change of grade form, and meet the graduation deadline. If you have not applied for graduation, you have two semesters (including summer) to submit all relevant coursework.
  • You cannot graduate (receive a diploma) with incomplete grades, even if the course(s) are not needed as part of your degree requirements.

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Second Major or Second Degree

What is the difference between a second major and a second degree?
  • To graduate with two undergraduate majors, you need to complete approximately 120-130 credits and will need to finish both majors concurrently. A diploma will be awarded for the first major and a notation denoting both majors will be reflected on your official transcript. For a second degree, you will need a minimum of 150 credits and you will receive a second diploma.

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