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The FIU installment Payment Plans are only available through your my.fiu.edu account. The FIU installment Payment plan allows student to pay their tution in two or three equal installments. Students are ineligible to sign up for the FIU Installment Payment Plan if they have an outstanding balance from a prior term. Please note, the installment payment plan is not reduced by pending financial aid for the current term.

A late payment fee of $100 will be assessed if installment payments are not made by their respective due dates.

There is a $15 service charge to enroll in the Payment Plan. The $15 service charge is due with the first installment.

Fall 2017 Payment Plan Due Dates are as follows:

Two installments:

August 29th: 50% of tuition and fees

September 29th: 50% of tuition and fees


Three installments:

August 29th: 33.3% of tuition and fees

September 29th: 33.3% of tuition and fees

October 29th: 33.3% of tuition and fees


The Student Financial Services Offices can provide more information if required. The Offices are located at Modesto A. Maidique Campus, SASC 101 and Biscayne Bay Campus, ACI 140. You can also e-mail your questions to stufinan@fiu.edu or call (305)348-2126.

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