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Third Party

Third Party

A Third Party may be a governmental agency, non-profit association, corporation, military branch, and/or a foreign embassy that agrees to make a full or partial payment of the student’s tuition.

What You Need to Submit

Students are required to submit the following:

  • FERPA/Third Party Authorization (Military students are not required to submit)
  • Voucher/Financial Guarantee

FERPA/Third Party Authorization eForm Due Every Semester

You must complete the FERPA/Third Party Authorization eForm online. This form will allow us to properly disclose all required billing information to your designated third party.

  • Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, FIU is not authorized to release any student information to a third party without written consent from the student if the student is 18 years or older or is attending a post-secondary educational institution.
  • By signing the Third Party FERPA section of the form every semester, the student authorizes FIU to release any and all of their financial and academic information to the third-party entity listed on their Third Party FERPA Release form. The third-party entity’s name is normally located on the third-party tuition voucher that the student submits every semester.
  • The Third-Party Authorization section of the form is used for the third-party process and is offered by FIU to students as a courtesy only. In summary, it states that FIU has agreed to submit the FIU Tuition and Fee Invoice applicable to the third-party information filled out by the student on the first page of the form.
  • The student is liable and continues to be responsible for timely payment of any tuition, fee, and / or costs not paid by their third party within the required deadline.  
  • If the student does not pay their portion by the last day to pay, a $100 late payment fee may be assessed to the student’s account.

By signing the Third-Party Authorization section of the form, the student acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions set forth in the packet and the student confirms that he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions.

Students can submit the FERPA/Third Party Authorization eForm electronically by:

  • Login into your FIU portal (my.fiu.edu)
  • Click Student eForms, located on the lower right-hand corner of your student center.

 student eform

  • Underneath the Student Financials header, select Third Party FERPA/Authorization Eform.

 SF link screenshot

  • Complete form and submit.


Please note: You may scan and attach your voucher, letter of financial guarantee or any other pertinent documents to this form.

Voucher/Financial Guarantee

The voucher/financial guarantee document must contain the following information:

  • Primary Contact (Name, email, phone number)
  • Billing Address
  • Student’s Full name and Panther ID
  • Specific Semester(s) to be paid
  • Specific charges to be paid


You can submit your voucher/financial guarantee in the following ways:

  • Scan the voucher and upload it through your FIU portal (my.fiu.edu). Make sure to include your Panther ID# on the voucher. Click on the upload documents link, then select Student Financials as the department and Third-Party Voucher as the form.
  • You may also attach your voucher to the electronic Third Party FERPA/Authorization eForm in your FIU portal (my.fiu.edu).


Documents Deadline

The third party voucher/financial guarantee and FERPA/Third Party Authorization eForm are due by the last day to pay to avoid any late fees and/or enrollment cancellation. All tuition and fees not covered by the third-party voucher/financial guarantee must be paid by the student by the last day to pay as posted on the University Calendar.

After the voucher is received a temporary credit is placed on the account by the last day to pay, for the amount approved for on the voucher/financial guarantee. Our Third-Party invoicing process does not begin until after enrollment reinstatement period.  

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