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Certificate Applicants

Degree Seeking Students:

All applicants should fill out the Certificate Application Form and submit it to the academic department for approval.  Currently enrolled degree seeking students do not need to re-submit residency documents.  Approved certificate applications will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for processing.  

Applicants not currently enrolled at FIU:

Applicants should complete the Certificate Application Form. Once completed, please submit the certificate application to the academic department for approval. Students are required to submit copies of Florida residency proofs along with the certificate application. Students, who are under the age of 24, must submit 2 documents supporting the establishment of legal residence of their parents or legal guardian. These documents must be issued/dated/filed 12 months before the first day of classes. Along with these documents of Florida residency, you must provide proof of legal US status for both the student and the person claiming Florida Residency.  

Certificates may or may not be financial aid eligible.

All Certificate Applicants are assessed a $30.00 application fee upon enrollment.

Immunization Requirements:

Applicants will also need to submit immunization records to the University Health Services Complex; not doing so will delay registration.  For more details about the immunization requirements, please visit http://studenthealth.fiu.edu.

Certificate students who are not currently enrolled as a degree seeking student will be able enroll during the Open Enrollment Period.  Students should review the current Academic Calendar for enrollment dates.

Undergraduate Certificate Student’s Applying for an F1 Student Visa:

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