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If you need an official letter documenting your tuition, fees, and/or payments for reimbursement purposes, tuition and/or loan verification or foreign bank confirmations, you can request the following letters by submitting a Tuition Letter Request Form online or in person at the Student Financials offices.

To submit a Tuition Letter Request Form, you can submit it through your MyFIU. Follow instructions to Submit Forms Online and select "Student Financials" as the department.

Different letters that you can request

Tax Letter:

A tax letter is generated for a student who was eligible for a 1098-T within a tax year, but did not receive one because of the following reasons:

  • Invalid address (either an incomplete or a non-US address)
  • No SSN or ITIN
  • Non-US Citizenship

This letter includes all qualified tuition expenses, scholarships, grants, third-party payments or waivers that were received in the specified calendar year.

If a student is eligible for a 1098-T but did not request one by the end of the tax deadline, a tax letter can be generated. A tax letter should not be generated if a student was ineligible for a 1098-T in the requested year.

Please note: Tax letters can only be requested two years prior to the current tax year.

Tuition Letter:

A tuition letter is a summary of a student’s tuition, fees, and payments for a specific semester.

This letter is usually requested for reimbursement purposes for an employer or for verification of tuition and fees for banking purposes.

Tuition Letter – Itemized:

An itemized tuition letter is a detailed breakdown of a student’s tuition, fees, and payments for a specific semester, including the class schedule.

This letter is usually requested for reimbursement based on specific courses. If the organization or company does not require the semester’s courses, please request a Tuition Letter instead.

Zero Balance Letter:

A zero balance letter is an official confirmation from FIU, stating that a student has a zero balance with the University.

This letter is usually requested for:

  • Employment purposes
  • Foreign bank confirmations
  • Collections verification & credit report updates
Last updated: January 24, 2019

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