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Receiving Aid

Need to know how to accept your offered awards?

Concurrent Enrollment

If you must enroll for classes at Miami-Dade College or Broward College while enrolled less than full-time at FIU and wish to have those credits counted as part of your total enrollment for financial aid purposes, you must complete and submit a "Concurrent Enrollment Agreement", by the last day to pay for tuition and fees. Only coursework acceptable as transfer credit towards the completion of a Bachelor's degree at FIU and approved by an academic advisor will be considered.Student Loans are the main source of financial aid for the following programs:


Study Abroad

If you plan to enroll in a Study Abroad Program, you must provide a letter to the Financial Aid Office from the academic unit offering the program, verifying your participation as well as a breakdown of cost. This information must be submitted one semester in advance of the semester the Study Abroad Program begins.


Transient Enrollment

If you are enrolling at an institution other than FIU (your "home" institution) and you wish to receive financial aid, you must provide the following documentation to the Financial Aid Office:


All documentation must be submitted a full semester in advance of the semester of transient enrollment. Financial Aid will be provided by FIU only. Consult with a Financial Aid Administrator to determine award eligibility.


National Student Exchange (NSE)

If you are participating in this program, receipt of financial aid will depend on the "Plan" selected by you in consultation with the NSE Program Coordinator in the Honors College. If you select the plan where FIU will be the granting institution, the Honors College will provide a list of participants to the Financial Aid Office.

All of the above programs must adhere to all the federal regulations required for awarding and disbursing of financial aid (e.g: enrollment, satisfactory academic progress (SAP), etc.).

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What is a Deferment?

Students that have been awarded Financial Aid are obligated to pay the difference (charges due) between your outstanding balance and the anticipated aid excluding Federal Work-Study (FWS)

A tuition deferment prevents the cancellation of your registered classes for non-payment of fees and temporarily prevents the assessment of a late payment fee.  On <Finances<View My Awards and <Account Summary to confirm the posting of your financial aid.

How do I determine my Anticipated Aid?

Click the MyFIU. You will be redirected to the sign–in page

  1. Sign into PantherSoft using Panther ID;
  2. Click on FINANCES;
  3. Under ACCOUNT click on ACCOUNT SUMMARY;
  4. Click on the appropriate term;

Now Calculate:

Subtract the Charge Activity from the Anticipated Aid Activity to determine your balance due charges..

If your award is less than your fees, it is your responsibility to pay any remaining balance due before the deadline to pay for fees and to avoid cancellation of your courses. Any unwanted class should be dropped by the last day of Drop/Add to avoid liability.

You will be “fee liable” for all courses on your class schedule after the last day of the Drop/Add period of the semester. Please review the award criteria as some awards are pro-rated based on your actual enrollment. Your initial Financial Aid Award Notification lists awards offered on full-time enrollment and are not revised until AFTER the drop/add period.

Housing Deferments

The Housing Office will grant you a deferment if the total amount of your award is sufficient to cover tuition & housing costs. You must make payment arrangements to guarantee your dormitory space if your award is not sufficient or you have not been awarded aid by the housing payment deadline.

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Disbursement Procedures

Financial aid funds are disbursed electronically by the Student Financials Office. If you are in compliance with the award conditions set forth in this document, the Financial Aid Office will release your financial aid funds electronically to the Student Financials Office. Tuition and fees, housing charges, book advances and other allowable charges will be deducted from your scheduled financial aid.

Posted disbursement dates are dates of anticipated receipt of funds which allows the Office to begin the release process of your funds to the Student Financials Office.

Each semester Student Loan disbursements are released for disbursement to the Office of Student Financials before all grant/scholarship aid. Grant/Scholarship aid disbursements for full-time students are released to the Office of Student Financials within a few business days After the drop/add period each term. Students who are not enrolled full time must have the cost of attendance, grant aid or scholarships adjusted, if applicable, based on actual enrollment each semester. It is recommended that you set aside sufficient funds at the beginning of each term to cover expenses such as books, room, meals, etc. while financial aid disbursements are processed.


Questions Concerning Disbursements

Occasionally, you will have questions related to your financial aid disbursements. The following chart will assist you in determining which Office to contact:

The Financial Aid Office when you want to know:

  • Why your award has been reduced/canceled.
  • Why you must return funds already disbursed to you.

The Student Financials Office/Bursar when you want to know:

  • What charges were paid with your financial aid funds?
  • The disbursement status of an award from a Third Party.
  • Information about your Pre-Paid tuition plan benefits.


Stafford & PLUS Loan Disbursement Requirements:

The U.S. Department of Education has specific disbursement requirements applicable to the Stafford (Subsidized and Unsubsidized) and PLUS loans. If you are receiving assistance from one of these programs, please read the following information carefully to determine if one of the following conditions applies to you:

  • At the time of disbursement, you must be enrolled and attending at least half time to receive a Stafford or PLUS disbursement. If your enrollment has dropped below half time after the add/drop period your loan disbursement will be canceled and the funds will be returned to your loan servicer. Any future disbursement(s) for the same loan period will be canceled. You will still be responsible for all University charges that have not been paid.
  • The university can hold Stafford loan funds for up to 13 days while waiting for you to meet all eligibility requirements. It is to your advantage to fulfill all requirements as soon as possible to ensure funds are not delayed.
  • If you are a graduate student, you must be enrolled half-time in graduate level credits to be eligible for a graduate level loan amount.
  • Students are encouraged to set up a Direct Deposit Account through the PantherSoft system under the Finances link through . All refunds are electronically posted into their personal bank account. Once funds are released for disbursement to the Office of Student Financials, the refund process, if a Direct Deposit Account is established, takes approximately 24-48 hours to be deposited into the student’s personal bank account. Otherwise, a check is processed and mailed through the US Postal system.
  • PLUS (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Student) Upon disbursement of the loan by the Financial Aid Office the Bursar's Office will mail the check with any remaining funds directly to the parent borrowing the loan.


Federal PLUS for Grad + Professional Students

The Federal PLUS Loan for graduate and professional students is a loan in addition to the Federal Stafford Loan.

It does not reduce the eligibility for the Federal Stafford Loan. The amount borrowed by the applicant is limited to the cost of attendance minus other financial aid including Federal Stafford Loans.



  • Borrower must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Graduate student must be enrolled at least half-time and meet satisfactory academic progress requirements refer to our website under Terms and Conditions
  • Borrower must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or permanents resident.
  • Borrower must first apply for annual loan maximum eligibility under the Federal Stafford Loan program
  • Borrower must meet credit requirements


Alternative/Private Loans

Alternative loans are non-federal educational loans available from a variety of national lending institutions. An alternative, or private loan is a loan in the student’s name, however generally requires the signature of a credit worthy co-signer. Minimums and maximums vary from these loan programs, depending on the lender you choose.


National Student Loan Database (NSLDS)

If you received student loans, use the National Student Loan DataBase (NSLDS) to check on your existing loan information.

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Refunds are processed by the Student Financials Office. Your check will be mailed to the local address in the student records system unless you set up a direct deposit to your bank account, which can be done at

Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Your Financial Aid Refunds can be deposited into your personal bank account. To sign up, you will need a bank account in your name. If you do not have an account, you can take advantage of our on-campus banking options with Wells Fargo or University Credit Union. You may visit shopFIU for more information. 

To authorize the University to transfer your Financial Aid Refunds to your bank account, go to myFIU Self-Service Page and follow these links: "FINANCES < ACCOUNT < DIRECT DEPOSIT." Authorizing a Direct Deposit account you may receive your Financial Aid Refunds within approximately 24-72 business hours after the release of your funds to the Student Financial Office. Once a Direct Deposit account is established, you do not need to apply each term.

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The U.S. Department of Education Return of Title IV (R2T4) Funds policy mandates that financial aid recipients who cease to be enrolled before completing 60% attendance of an enrollment period (typically a semester) in which you drop all courses or officially withdraws Must be liable to repay 100% of the Title IV aid that was disbursed. You may be required to return a portion of the federal funds received for the term.  The Financial Aid Office has a responsibility to determine whether a student “unofficially” withdrew, meaning that you stopped attending classes and received a non-passing grade because you failed to complete the course requirements OR the non-passing grade was “earned” meaning you attended, did the work, but the quality of the work merited a non-passing grade. To assist the Financial Aid Office determine the non-passing grade, you will be notified via your Panther Mail to provide an Enrollment Certification Form within a specific deadline date. Title IV funds include the following financial aid programs: Pell, SEOG, Perkins Loan, Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, and PLUS Loans. The amount of the return is based on formulas established by the U.S. Department of Education.

Failure to repay funds due to a federal program may affect future eligibility for financial aid at FIU or any other institution you may attend after leaving FIU.


If you withdraw, drop out of school or drop below half-time enrollment, your financial aid award may be reduced or canceled, and you may be required to return a portion of the aid awarded to you. If you are entitled to a refund of your tuition, all or part of the refund may be applied to the financial aid fund from which your aid was awarded. You may also be required to return a portion of the funds disbursed directly to you. You should always consult with a Financial Aid Administrator prior to dropping or withdrawing to determine your potential financial liability. In addition, withdrawing or dropping courses may affect you meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress for the next academic year and if enrolled less than half-time and you may be required to start repayment on your student loans. For specific information on the University’s Dropping & Withdrawing policy refer to the Office of the Registrar’s University Catalog link On-line.

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