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Transient Students

What is a Transient Student?

A transient student (aka "guest student") is a student who is enrolled at one University, but taking classes at another that will count towards their degree at their home University. Generally this happens when students don't live near their home University over the summer but want to take a class or two to speed up the obtainment of their degree, or if for some reason they can't take a class at their home University that they need to graduate.


Florida International University students may attend other State University System institutions as a transient student. Please see your academic adviser for approval and information. It is recommended that you contact the school you plan to attend to find out their registration requirements and deadlines.

Transient forms can be completed electronically. These forms will automatically be routed to your college for adviser approval, the Registrar for certification, and to the school you indicate you will attend. You will be apprised of the status of this application by e-mail.

Upon completing the course, university regulations require that an official transcript be sent to us so that the course can be applied to your official Florida International University transcript. Please visit the Registrar’s Office where you are attending (Transient Institution) and submit a request to send your transcript to FIU.

Instructions for Transient Student Admission Application:

  1. Have your course information ready (including the course prefix, number, credit hours, and title).
  2. Meet with your advisor to obtain approval for course(s) prior to submitting an online application.
  3. Obtain your PIN number from your MyFIU account, under Campus Personal Information.
  4. Log on to FloridaShines.org
  5. Select “Current Students” in the middle of the page. 
  6. Click on “Transient Student Admission Application”. 

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Students attending other institutions are welcome to take classes at Florida International University while they are home for the summer or any other time. Since these students plan to transfer classes from FIU back to their Home Institution, they are classified as “transients” by the State of Florida.

Students at Florida State University System institutions can complete the form online by accessing FloridaShines.org.

Transient students continue to be advised by their primary college, which determines whether they have met the necessary prerequisites before enrolling in the FIU class.

Once FIU has approved you as an inbound transient student, you will be notified through FloridaShines.org electronically.  Your FIU Panther Id, Registration Date and other pertinent information will be included in the ‘Comments’ area of your form.

When you have completed your FIU course(s) and grades have posted, you must order an Official Transcript through my.fiu.edu to receive proper posting of your credits at your Home Institution.

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