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Message Your Advisor

You can reach your advisor whenever through your MyFIU. If you're having trouble logging in, visit the Access MyFIU page.

Advising Resources

From academic advising, to career planning, to life coaching — the division of Academic and Career Success (ACS) is there for you. You can find many other programs from ACS that provide services like helping you go on a college exchange trip, getting involved on campus and much more.

Academic and Career Success

You can get in touch with your assigned advisor or college life coach through MyFIU. If you need guidance for how to use these systems, visit Academic Advising Technology.

Academic Advising Technology

Visit Your Advisor Every a Semester

Visit your advisor early and at least once per semester. Wait too late and it may be harder to get an appointment. Don’t visit at all and you might get off track, resulting in excess credits.

Last updated: February 1, 2019