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Outgoing FIU Transient Student

FIU students may attend other State University System or Florida College System institutions as a transient student. Please see your academic advisor for approval and information. It is recommended that you contact the school you plan to attend to find out their registration requirements and deadlines.

Transient forms must be completed electronically through the Florida Shines website. These forms will automatically be routed to your FIU advisor for course approval, the Registrar for certification, and to the school you indicate you will attend. You will be advised of the status of the application throughout the process via e-mail. If you are planning on taking course(s) at a private or non-Florida institution, please contact that institution to find out about their non-degree application process. You may want to consult with your FIU academic advisor to ensure the course(s) you are taking can transferred back to FIU to satisfy your current program requirements. 

Upon completing the course, University regulations require that an official transcript be sent to us so that the course can be applied to your official Florida International University transcript. Please contact the Registrar’s Office of the institution you attended (Transient Institution) and request to send your transcripts to FIU.

Please note:  Students receiving financial aid must pay tuition for the courses at the transient institutions. Students will be reimbursed from their home institution when their financial aid is disbursed which is often after payment deadlines and add/drop periods.

Instructions for Outgoing Transient Student Admission Application:

  1. Have your course information ready (including the course prefix, number, credit hours, and title).
  2. Meet with your advisor to obtain approval for course(s) prior to submitting the online application.
  3. Obtain your PIN number from your MyFIU account, under the Profile tile.  Select "Personal Identification Number."
  4. Log on to
  5. Select "Succeed in College." Then select “Take a course at another school.” 
  6. Click on “Apply or Check Application Status Now.”  

Incoming Visiting Transient Student

Incoming transient students are students seeking a degree at another institution and would like to take courses at FIU on a temporary basis.

All Public Florida State College and University transient students must complete the electronic Transient Student Application through the Florida Shines website. Once submitted and approved to FIU, your application will be processed by the Office of the Registrar and you will be notified via email.

If you are attending a Florida private institution or an out-of-state institution, you will need to complete the Non-degree Student Application and pay the $30 application fee.

There is no application fee for the Florida public institution students going through Florida Shines.


Immunization Requirement

Please ensure that your immunization record is complete with your Institution and that they have indicated you have provided your (MMR) vaccination proof to them. Email the transient student form with Measles and Rubella "YES" verification to . If you have not satisfied the (MMR)requirement, please submit your vaccination proof to the FIU Student Health Services as soon as possible; students cannot register for courses until their immunization holds are cleared. Students have the option to waive the Hepatitis B and Meningitis requirements by accepting an online waiver These waivers can be found in the "Student Health Portal" link located at the bottom right corner of the Student Center page. For more details about the immunization requirements, please and click on the immunization link or contact their office at MMC 305-348-2401 or BBC (305) 919-5675.


Please note: Approval of your status as a transient student does not guarantee access to the requested course(s), this is based on course availability and department/instructor consent if necessary.  If you plan on enrolling for a course that requires pre-requisites that were completed outside of FIU, please contact the department for approval in advance. Department listings maybe found online at

*It is the student's responsibility to coordinate any class permission and prerequisites with the department and professors prior to enrollment.


Please refer to the Academic Calendar for corresponding dates and deadlines.


Last updated: March 14, 2024