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A student can audit a course with the explicit permission of the instructor teaching the course. The instructor may deny the auditing of an individual class. Tuition and fees are the same whether the student is taking the class for credit or for audit. The AU symbol will be assigned as a grade for audited classes. Classes taken on an audit grading basis do not earn credit, nor is an AU grade used in the GPA calculation. 

To audit a class, the student must: 

1. Complete an enrollment adjustment form; check auditing a course under the professor's name

2. Obtain the instructor’s approval/signature to audit the class on the form; email approval specifying permission to audit will be accepted from instructors FIU mail

3. Submit the form to OneStop by following instructions at the bottom of the enrollment adjustment form


This can be done through the end of the add/drop period. Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates and deadlines.  Classes registered on an audit grading basis cannot be reverted to the original grading basis after the add/drop period.  

For more information regarding this policy, please refer to Policy # 1360.010.

Last updated: February 23, 2022