The FIU Office of Scholarships provides incoming freshmen, transfer, international and current students with information and assistance to take full advantage of scholarship opportunities available at the university. We are dedicated to awarding the maximum amount of scholarships available to the most deserving students while striving to be informative, responsive, compliant, professional and sensitive to students, faculty and donor needs.

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Apply for scholarships online at fiu.academicworks.com.

SGA Scholarships

Department Scholarships

Please visit fiu.academicworks.com to browse and apply for FIU departmental scholarships.

Nationally Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships

There are incredible scholarship opportunities to help fund graduate school and research opportunities both here and abroad. Many of these scholarships require university sponsorship, have intense application processes and require a serious commitment from students wishing to receive these awards. For this reason, we have internal deadlines in place for students to submit their applications for consideration. The scholarship committee will then choose the strongest applications that will ultimately be submitted. Please schedule an appointment for more detailed information on the programs offered and specific requirements.

Additional information for scholarships can be found here.

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