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What is a Petition?

Student petitions are filed for consideration of an exception to university policies. They may be filed for the following reasons:

  • To add, drop or withdraw from a class after the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar has passed.
  • To add a class when enrollment is blocked due to a hold or error (such as prerequisite/co-requisite, closed class, department consent, timing conflict).
  • To drop a class due to extenuating circumstances such as (but not limited to) medical hardship or a call to active military service, or death in the immediate family.

How to Submit

Follow instructions on the forms below to file a petition. This may require a signature from the professor, academic advisor and/or academic dean along with the department stamp. If the signatures are not possible to get, emails from the appropriate staff member (from their official FIU email address) may be submitted.

Approval is given at the discretion of the advisor, department or instructor. Additional documents may also be necessary (read forms below for details).

Student Petition Form

Medical Support Form (must be completed by a medical professional)

Take completed forms and supporting materials in person to OneStop. If you are in an FIU online program, please discuss with your success coach. 

Petitions can take 6-8 weeks to get approval when requesting to have courses removed or dropped with DR grades after the deadline to drop.

Drop requests received 6 months after the end of the term question will only be considered for DR grades. If your petition is approved, you may owe money back to the university for reasons such as a reduction in financial aid, scholarships or any sort of credit that was applied to your account. In these cases, funds will need to be returned to FIU as soon as possible to avoid being sent to collections. See Drop or Withdraw from Classes for more details.


The Policies and Procedures for the Student Petition have been established by Florida Board of Governors Regulations BOG 7.002(11). Refer to the Office of the Registrar’s University Catalog for more.

Last updated: February 11, 2019