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The Form 1098-T reports payments applied to qualified tuition and related expenses during the calendar year for which they receive academic credit. The information reported on Form 1098-T helps students evaluate their eligibility for certain federal tax benefits.

In accordance with the Internal Revenue Service requirements, FIU reports amounts paid during the calendar year for qualified tuition and related fees. The amounts reported on Form 1098-T may differ from the amounts relevant for claiming any tax benefits.

For information regarding filing your tax return, tax benefits for education and tax credits or deductions relating to your Form 1098-T please consult a tax professional. FIU cannot provide individual tax advice.

Other useful information, including IRS Publication 970 –Tax Benefits for Education, can be accessed at IRS website or by calling the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.


How to Get the Form

  1. Log onto MyFIU. See Access MyFIU for help.
  2. Click on 'Financial Account' tile.
  3. Click on 'View 1098-T.'
  4. Click 'Accept' when the Form 1098-T Electronic Recipient Statement page displays (displays the first time you log on).
  5. If you click accept, you agree to receive the current and future Forms 1098-T electronically (the message does not display again). If you click decline, you should contact the Student Financials office to request a printed copy of your Form 1098-T (the next time you access the 1098-T Data page the option to accept will display again).
  6. Click the FIU 1098-T year. Your Form 1098-T Tuition Statement will be displayed. This page displays all the information on the Form 1098-T. From this page, click each box to see more detailed information.
  7. Click the Print 1098-T button and a replica of the form displays. Use the print function in your web browser to print a copy for your records.

Please note: we do not mail the 1098-T form.



  • What do the amounts in the boxes mean?
    • Box 1: Payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses during the calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 31 2018). 
    • Box 2: Intentionally left blank, not applicable.
    • Box 4: Intentionally left blank, not applicable.
    • Box 5: Scholarships and Grants includes: Fellowships, traineeships, stipends, outside sponsored awards, third party billing arrangements.
    • Box 6: Reports adjustments made to scholarships or grants reported on a prior year Form 1098-T in Box 5.
    • Box 7: If checked, indicates that Box 1 includes payments received during the calendar year for an academic period that begins in January through March.
    • Box 8: If this box is checked, then the student has enrolled at least half time for at least one academic period during the most recent calendar year.
    • Box 9: If this box is checked, then the student is a graduate student or in a graduate level credential program.
  • Why did I not receive a form 1098-T?

    Students do not receive a 1098-T form for the following reasons:

    • You did not enroll in courses during the January 1st through December 31st of the calendar year.
    • You did not have any payments to report for Qualified Tuition and Related Expense for the calendar year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st).
    • If tuition and related expenses are completely waived.
    • If tuition and related expenses are entirely paid by scholarships or grants.
    • If a student is a non-resident alien.
    • If a student is enrolled only in not-for-credit courses.
    • If a student has an invalid or foreign home address in MyFIU.
    • If a student does not have a social security or tax ID number in MyFIU.

    If you have any questions regarding your 1098-T (or if you did not receive a 1098-T statement and you believe that you were incorrectly excluded), please contact the Student Financials Office.

  • Where can I view the transactions on my account?
    1. Login to MyFIU. See Access MyFIU for help.
    2. Click on the 'Financial Account' tile
    3. Click on 'Account Activity.'
    4. In the 'View by' section, select the range from 01/01 and 12/31 and then select 'All Terms' and click on the 'GO' button, and then click on 'View All.'
  • What should I do if my address or social security number is incorrect?

    You can Update Personal Information in MyFIU.

Last updated: April 26, 2019