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When Is My Degree "Official"?

When you have completed the requirements for your degree and your graduation application has been approved, your transcript will be updated to show that your degree has been awarded. This can take 4 to 5 weeks after grades are posted for the semester since every application must be individually scrutinized to ensure that all the requirements for the awarding of the degree have been met.

After the degree is posted, the official transcript will reflect the student’s earned degree. The unofficial transcript and degree verification also reflect earned degrees. See View or Order Transcripts for instructions on how to view your degree once it's posted. Degree verifications can be requested via email

Completing a graduation application or attending commencement does not imply the student has earned a diploma. Please do not assume it is automatic and always confirm completion of the degree by viewing the transcript.

Enrolling After Degree Posting

Once your degree is posted, any course you take will be counted toward your next degree, and will be reflected on your transcript under the current academic status.



Diplomas are mailed to your home address which you can update online. See how to change your address on your personal records.

The diploma is an official, legal document and must reflect your true and correct legal name. Name changes require a birth certificate, passport, naturalization documentation, marriage certificate, divorce decree and/or certified court order of name change. See how to change your name on your personal records.

Here are some frequently asked questions about diplomas:

Second Major or Second Degree

To graduate with two undergraduate majors, you need to complete approximately 120-130 credits and will need to finish both majors concurrently. A diploma will be awarded for the first major and a notation denoting both majors will be reflected on your official transcript.

For a second degree, you will need a minimum of 150 credits and you will receive a second diploma.


Apostille Information

Students who require certification of the conferral of their degree, should follow the Apostille procedures set forth by the State of Florida.  For more information regarding the Apostille process, please visit the following links:

Notary Services

We offer Notary Services on limited availability. Please review our Notary Services for more information.

Last updated: April 15, 2021