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Deadline to submit 2019-20 verification documentation is July 8, 2020.



What is Verification?

Verification is a process used to confirm that the data reported on your FAFSA is accurate.  You will be asked to provide documentation to support the information you reported on the FAFSA.

If you are selected for verification, you will be required to submit documentation such as Federal Tax Transcripts, W2s, and a verification worksheet by the deadline presented.  Financial aid will NOT disburse to your account until your documentation is submitted and reviewed.

Why Was I Selected?

Your FAFSA may be selected for verification at random, or because you supplied incomplete or inconsistent data on your application.  Verification is a federal regulation and ensures that eligible students receive all the aid for which they qualify.  If you were selected, you will get a notification on MyFIU and in your student email.

What Do I Need to Do for 2020-2021?

The required documents will be listed on your ProEd Student Dashboard.  You can find the link to the FIU ProEd Student Portal under your Task Tile on MyFIU, and in the email you receive from the Financial Aid Office. 

If you have any questions, please call 305-921-9335.

What Do I Need to Do for 2019-2020?

The required documents will be listed under your Task Tile on MyFIU. Click the link(s) on your To-Do List for details and instructions for each item.

Go to MyFIU. See Access MyFIU or Contact OneStop for help.


In order to expedite the process we encourage the following:

  • Don’t wait until the deadline to submit your documents. The faster you submit your verification documentation, the faster we will disburse your aid.
  • Read the instructions carefully and submit all required documents upfront. Incomplete files cause significant delays for you and for other students, as we must dedicate more resources to following up with you and requesting additional documents.
  • Provide accurate information. Corrections take more time to process, and providing accurate information upfront will speed up the verification process. If possible, use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on FAFSA to import your financial information directly from the IRS.
  • Check your MyFIU and FIU email. Sometimes we ask for more documentation in order to ensure the accuracy of your financial aid application information. Check your FIU email and To-Do List on MyFIU frequently. The faster you respond, the faster we will disburse your aid.


Last updated: January 13, 2020