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Florida Prepaid Plan (FPP) is a state administered program managed by the Florida Prepaid College Board. Florida Prepaid plans are Educational Savings Plans purchased on behalf of a student to be used at an educational institution. There are several plans; all entitle the student to a set number of credits (60 or 120), the traditional FPP Tuition plan covers 4 year tuition of 120 credits.

For more detail information regarding Florida Prepaid Plans you can contact the Florida Prepaid College Board at 1-800-552-4723.


Pay with Prepaid

At FIU, students participating in the Florida Prepaid College Program will not have to show their Florida Prepaid cards to verify that they are participants. You simply need to verify that your Social Security Number and Date of Birth is correct in both the FIU and Florida Prepaid systems.

Florida Prepaid will automatically reflect on your account by the last day to pay as long as you are registered at FIU. Prior to enrollment registration, we recommend contacting Florida prepaid to verify the status of your Florida Prepaid plan, ensuring your Social Security Number and Date of Birth is correct and active in their system on the Florida Prepaid Plan website.

When does FIU invoice Florida Prepaid?

  • Florida Prepaid students will have their Florida Prepaid accounts billed automatically after enrollment reinstate of “B” session every semester based on the number of credit hours enrolled.

How will FIU invoice Florida Prepaid account?

  • Billing will be automatic based on the number of credit hours a student is enrolled in each term.

When will my Florida Prepaid be applied towards my account balance?

  • Students with Florida Prepaid plan will see a temporary credit posted approximately 2‐3 business days from enrolling in classes.

When do I pay my remaining balance?

All tuition and fees not covered by your Florida Prepaid plan (including those not covered by Financial Aid) must pay by the last day to pay deadline. For this date, please visit for the academic calendar.

Can I sign up for a payment plan if I have Florida Prepaid?

  • Yes


What Does It Cover?

  • This Plan only covers the state portion of tuition. Inside FIU’s tuition charge, we include the state portion of tuition and the state fees.
  • It also does NOT cover the mandatory fees (Transportation, Health, Athletic, and Photo ID Fee).
  • Your portion of tuition and fees are due by the last day to pay.  
  • Accounts with outstanding balances after the last day to pay are subject to a $100 late payment fee.

Local Plan

  • The Local Plan will cover the total amount of FIU tuition, with the exception of the technology fee.
  • This plan will cover the Health & Athletic Fee.
  • It does not cover the Parking Access, Photo ID fee, or any other course related lab fees.
  • Accounts with outstanding balances after the last day to pay are subject to a $100 late payment fee.

What will happen if I cash out or freeze my Florida Prepaid plan in the middle of the semester?

  • The temporary credit posted will be reversed and will be subject to Tuition Differential fee.

Exemptions to the Tuition Differential

  • Students with Florida Pre-Paid contracts prior to July 1, 2007 or recipients of a STARS or Take Stock in Children Scholarships are exempt from Tuition Differential as long as the account is being actively billed by FIU and credits are available.

What do I do if I do not want my Florida Prepaid account billed?

  • If you do not want Florida Prepaid to be billed for a particular semester, you must submit an Opt-out form by add/drop period each term. For this date, please visit for the academic calendar

Opt Out

If you do not want the university to bill Florida Prepaid you must submit the Florida Prepaid Opt-Out Form before to the last day to add/drop courses in order to have your account inactivated for the semester.

Submit the form online and select "Student Financials" as the department. See Submit Forms Online for instructions.

You will need to submit a new opt-out form at the beginning of each semester you do not want prepaid to be billed.

Florida Prepaid Payment Rates

Florida Prepaid Coverage

Florida Prepaid coverage differs by the plan purchased. Typically, students who have a Florida Prepaid Plan will have an additional balance owed that Florida Prepaid will not cover. To determine the payment a student can expect to receive from Florida Prepaid using the chart below find the number of credit hours enrolled for the term then find the corresponding university plan the student has with Florida Prepaid.

Tuition & Fee Payment Table:

Prepaid Facts

Last updated: May 31, 2019

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