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Miami-Dade and Broward County teachers may request this form for reimbursement of tuition by the county after the end of the semester. This form is available at either campus at the Student Financials Office.

FT-ONE Tuition Request Form

Forms may also be obtained online at the link below and submitted online on your MyFIU. Follow instructions to Submit Forms Online and select Student Financials as the department.

An email confirmation will be sent to your FIU email account.

After the form is submitted, proof of payment for tuition only will be sent to the student’s home address or directly to the School Board per the student’s request.

Please note: Miami-Dade County Public School teachers are only eligible for tuition reimbursement for two years.

All other students requiring reimbursement or verification of enrollment may complete the form below and the completed form will be sent to the student’s home address only, unless a completed FERPA form is submitted with this request.

Last updated: January 24, 2019