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The Bright Futures Scholarship program provides the Florida Academic Scholar award (FAS) and the Florida Medallion Scholar award (FMS) to eligible students attending FIU. To learn more about the program, visit the Bright Futures Website. To apply and check your award status, use the application below: 

If you are a newly enrolled student at FIU, make sure to update your Florida Financial Aid Application with the FIU school code. Your application must have the FIU school code in order for the scholarship funds to be disbursed to you at FIU. Contact OSFA for help.


Eligibility requirements are listed on the Bright Futures Website in Chapter 1: Initial Eligibility, page 3.

Type16 High School Course CreditsHigh School Weighted GPACollege Entrance Exams (ACT/CLT/SAT)Service Hours
  • 4 - English (three must include substantial writing)
  • 4 - Mathematics (at or above the Algebra I level)
  • 3 - Natural Science (two must have substantial laboratory)
  • 3 - Social Science
  • 2 - World Language (sequential, in same language)
3.5029/96/1340100 hours
FMS3.0025/84/121075 hours

(Be sure Visa is not expired)

  • Category A - government official
  • Category E - treaty trader or investor
  • Category G – representative of an international organization
  • Category H-1 – temporary worker performing professional nursing services or in a specialty occupation
  • Category H-4 – only if spouse or child of an alien classified H-1
  • Category I – foreign information media representative
  • Category K – fiancée, fiancé or child of a US citizen
  • Category L – intra-company transferee (including spouse or child)
  • Category N – parent or child of alien accorded special immigrant status
  • Category O-1 – workers of “extraordinary” ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics
  • Category O-3 – only if spouse or child of O-1 alien
  • Category R – religious workers
  • Category NATO 1-7 – representatives and employees or NATO and their families.
  • Visa category S – Alien witnesses and informants, including their spouse and children.
  • Visa category T – Victims of trafficking, who cooperate with federal authorities in prosecutions of traffickers, including their spouse and children.
  • Visa category U – Victims of Certain Crimes, including their spouse and children.
  • Visa category V – Spouses and children of lawful permanent residents



The initial award is an estimate based on 15 credits of enrollment in fall/spring or 6 credits in summer. Awards are adjusted to your actual enrollment after the add/drop period each semester. Bright Futures requires a minimum enrollment of 6 credits per semester.


2023-2024 Bright Futures
Fall/Spring Medallion ($154.17 per credit + $147.85)CreditsFall/Spring Academic ($205.57 per credit + $197.14)
 $1,227.04 7$1,636.13
 $1,381.21 8$1,841.70
 $1,535.38 9$2,047.27
 $1,689.55 10$2,252.84
 $1,843.72 11$2,458.41
 $1,997.89 12$2,663.98
 $2,152.06 13$2,869.55
 $2,306.23 14$3,075.12
 $2,460.40 15$3,280.69
 $2,614.57 16$3,486.26
 $2,768.74 17$3,691.83
 $2,922.91 18$3,897.40
 $3,077.08 19$4,102.97
 $3,231.25 20$4,308.54
 $3,385.42 21$4,514.11
 $3,539.59 22$4,719.68
  • Special fees for online courses, housing or any other additional fees are not covered by the Bright Futures Scholarship.
  • Graduate courses may only be covered by the Bright Futures scholarship (at the undergraduate tuition rate) if they are needed to complete a bachelor’s degree. In this case, the student must submit a memo from the department of their school or college to OneStop indicating that the graduate class that they registered for that semester is required to earn their bachelor's degree.
  • Graduate Funding: A Bright Futures recipient, who graduates with a bachelor’s degree in 7 or fewer semesters or in 105 semester hours or fewer, may receive funding for one semester of graduate study, not to exceed 15 credit hours, paid at the undergraduate rate. Graduate school funding must be used within the applicable scholarship length.
  • Length of Scholarship: Most programs of study require 120 credit hours for an undergraduate degree.  Extended hours of funding are available to FAS and FMS students enrolled in a single program of study requiring more than 120 hours.  Student must submit the following application Extended Hours Application.


2023-2024 Bright Futures 

SUMMER Medallion ($154.17/cr + $143.13)


SUMMER Academic
($205.57/cr + $190.84)




















































  • A maximum of 45 credits may be funded in one academic year.


In order to renew your scholarship for the following academic year, students must meet all of the renewal requirements at the end of the Spring semester. Renewal requirements are listed on the Bright Futures Website in Chapter 3: Renewal Eligibility.

Florida Academic Scholar: 3.00 Cumulative GPA

Florida Medallion Scholar: 2.75 Cumulative GPA

To determine if you have enough credits for renewal, use this chart or the Bright Futures Credit Hour Interactive Tool on the Bright Futures Website under Additional Resources.

Annual Bright Futures Credit Hour Renewal Requirement by Semester Course Load
Fall Hours FundedSpring Hours FundedAnnual Earned Hours Requirement
(12+ credits)
Full-Time12 + 12 = 24
Three-Quarter Time12 + 9 = 21
Half-Time12 + 6 = 18
Three Quarter Time
(9-11 credits)
Full-Time9 + 12 = 21
Three-Quarter Time9 + 9 = 18
Half-Time9 + 6 = 15
Half Time
(6-8 credits)
Full-Time6 + 12 = 18
Three-Quarter Time6 + 9 = 15
Half-Time6 + 6 = 12
  • NC grades do not count as credit hours earned for the credit renewal requirements.
  • Students may receive funding for less than 6 credits of enrollment only if (1) a student is enrolled in the last credits required for graduation and a departmental memo explaining this situation is submitted to OneStop, OR (2) the student has less than 6 credits of funding eligibility remaining.

You will receive a notification by email and on the Florida Financial Aid Application regarding your eligibility or ineligibility status for Bright Futures.

Keeping Your Scholarship

Change of Grade or Recalculating GPA

In order to meet renewal requirements, eligible students have the option to submit the Bright Futures Request Form under the following circumstances:

  • If you receive a “Change of Grade” for fall or spring semester
  • If you transferred credits from a previous institution to have your GPA recalculated

Reducing or Canceling Awards

If you believe you may not meet the credit hour requirement because you are failing a course after the deadline to drop, you may opt to reduce or cancel funding for the course(s). Contact OneStop to determine if this is the right course of action for you. To reduce or cancel funding, submit the Bright Futures Request Form and check “cancel/partially accept award.” Award amounts for that semester can only be adjusted before grades are posted.


Submit the Bright Futures Request Form once your canceled awards have been repaid. You will not be eligible for Bright Futures renewal or state funding for the next academic year until you repay the funds and submit the Bright Futures Request Form. The Financial Aid Office may waive this repayment for reasons of financial hardship. This waiver is subject to approval and you must contact OneStop within 30 days of dropping a class to qualify.


Reinstatement applies to eligible students who did not receive funding during the previous academic year and would now like to apply for scholarship funding. Learn more about Reinstatement on the Bright Futures Website in Chapter 3: Renewal Eligibility, page 4.


Under limited circumstances, a student may apply for a one-time restoration if he/she did not meet the GPA requirement to renew their Bright Futures within the first year of funding. This restoration may also be used to regain a FAS award if a student’s GPA dropped to the FMS award level. Restoration requirements vary depending on the year that the student graduated from high school. Learn more about restoration on the Bright Futures Website in Chapter 3: Renewal Eligibility, page 6.


Students may request a Bright Futures appeal if extenuating circumstances beyond their control prevent them from meeting renewal requirements. The appeal must be approved by the Financial Aid Office. Follow instructions to submit the Bright Futures Appeal Form.


Last updated: January 26, 2024

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